Foot DocPreneur Makes Clearanail® Available to the U.S.


ClearANailNever before available to the U.S. market, Clearanail® is an exciting new drug-free, pain-free medical procedure for assisting in the treatment of unsightly and embarrassing toenails while following the doctor’s prescribed regimen to prevent nail and skin contamination with fungus, bacteria, or even molds. Clearanail® helps to rejuvenate and clear unhealthy-looking toenails by penetrating deep to the nail bed. – where potential damage starts.

Clearanail® is the first and only medical drill device, designed with Swiss technology,  utilizing Controlled Micro PenetrationTM (CMP). The Single Use Micro-cuttersTM (SUMs) enhance the efficacy of physician treatment options; setting the stage for desired outcomes for ugly, unsightly, and discolored nails.

Microdrilling has been recently published in peer reviewed journals such as JDD and J Dermatol Treatments and featured in Practical Dermatology and Nails magazine.

Each SUM creates a large matrix of precise, 0.4 mm holes in the nail plates. This allows topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations by targeting the source of the problem.

See video below as Dr. Annette Joyce, podiatrist and Medical Director for Foot DocPreneur explains the Clearanail® procedure for patients.

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