Developed with Swiss technology in the Sussex Innovation Centre in the United Kingdom in 2014, Clearanail® is the world’s first ‘intelligent’ nail drill to utilize patented Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) technology. A fully automated fail safe system creates micro pathways in thick unsightly toenails so that topical treatments may be used.

Drill and Foot

Single Unit Micro-cutters (SUMs) create a large matrix of holes in the nail plate. The precise, 0.4 mm holes allow topical treatments to reach the nail bed in much higher concentrations by targeting the source of the problem. The drill uses smart-sensor technology, which allows it to “know” when to stop drilling. This technology prevents any pain to the patient or damage to the nail bed.



  • Simple to use ‘Fully automated fail safe system’
  • Virtually no pain or injury to soft tissue ‘Only the nail is penetrated’
  • The only system to give access to the Germinal Matrix ‘Where advanced infections reside’
  • Can produce a large matrix of holes for access to the whole nail bed
  • Minimal dust ‘No extraction required’
  • The only safe and simple way to collect subungual debris
  • Holes remain until nail re-grows
  • Single use component to prevent risk or allegations of cross-infection ‘One purchase for each patient’



“We have been the first clinic in the UK using this device as a treatment for fungal nails. Typically, they can be difficult to treat with paints and lacquers as the drugs rarely reach the nail bed where the infection is. The device simplifies the process by painlessly making small holes into the nail plate allowing free passage of the anti-fungal agents to reach the source of the infection.”

Ivan Bristow, U.K. Podiatrist

“The best thing from a podiatrist’s point of view is that it is small and compact and does not need any prior setting up before treatment. Most importantly it is incredibly straight forward and easy to use. In addition the procedure is very clear to explain to the patient. From the patient’s point of view it is a lot more cost effective than the more expensive laser, pretty much pain free and very straight forward to understand why it can be successful in the treatment of their fungal nail. The results are very promising in reducing and eliminating the fungus.”

Annette Robinson

“From listening to my patients, I understood that laser treatments were prohibitively expensive and likely to fail. I first read about Clearanail® inPodiatry Now and got to see the treatment at the SoCP in November 2015. I was so impressed that I ordered one straight away and I was my first patient. To other practitioners, I would recommend Clearanail®; it is affordable, clinically effective and produces a good income stream”

Mark Kelly, U.K. Podiatrist